Thesis Proofreading and Editing service

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Thesis Proofreading and Editing service

Writing is a reflection of self. Overlooking one's work can cause errors in spelling and grammatical construction. It is considered a sign of laxity. Get the aid of experts in proofreading. A well written document is a sign of professionalism. The task of a proofreader is to spot even the minor errors and also to represent the idea as per the scholar’s intention. Employing software not always can do 100% correction when it comes to a dissertation, as the writer may have an idea which an application may not understand. Manual correction is necessary to understand the concept and present it as the writer’s idea.

Benefits of choosing TCSC:

Both the original text and the corrected text will be sent to the scholar. The scholar can compare both the documents and accept the corrections as per need. Subject experts are assigned to review the content and the unit assures that only the superlative document is given for submission.

It is highly recommended to learn the stages of preparing a thesis and attend to the points that has to be rephrased or rewritten after a thesis has reached its final stage.

In spite of all the attention there could be few errors because of the magnitude of the work. The purview of the work includes:

    • Check on the language of a thesis:
      Flaws in grammar and vocabulary is checked. Usage of informal language is also checked.
    • Check on the reliability of the work:
      The thesis will be checked for plagiarism. In case of any, it will be rephrased or modifies as per the needs of the scholar.

The time taken for correction depends on the length and the complexity of the work. However if the deadline is closer, the unit will take it on an emergency basis and finish it as early as possible.