English course for kids

English Course for Kids

English course for kids

Discover our English course for kids specifically designed for children of Kindergarten and Grades 1-5. Our online English course is devised exclusively by English language specialists to ensure that your child gets the most out of their learning experience.

At That Cloud School (TCSC), we believe interactive language learning sessions will build the confidence in the kids to enhance their language abilities. Therefore, our English classes for kids come with a combination of interactive learning and practice sessions for speaking through which your child gets a chance to practise learning and speaking with their teacher and classmates of similar ages in a safe and easy-to-use online learning environment.

Each module of our English course is brought to life with language skill building activities, team practice, and high-quality learning materials based on real-world topics that really interest kids and spark their imagination.

Moreover, our language teachers are well experienced to get children involved kids in English classes through competitions at regular intervals. Thus, your child will not just excel in English language skills, they’ll be able to express themselves with more confidence and conviction.

The interactive skill-building sessions of our online English course will shape the future of your child for a global world. You also get access to your child’s personal dashboard. So, you can track their progress together and celebrate their success throughout their learning journey.

Learning English with That Cloud School is a rewarding experience for children that help them to go further. Through our interactive English course for kids, we ensure to enhance the creativity, ingenuity, and collaboration skills of your child that unlocks a world of possibilities for them.

Our Online English Course is packed with high-quality, engaging, and interactive learning resources that are going to keep your child motivated and engaged throughout your Kid’s English Classes.

At TCSC, we’ve designed the English Course for kids to enhance your child’s English reading, writing, and speaking skills and prepare them for real-world day-to-day communication right from the comfort of your home. Our Online English Course gives your child the opportunity to improve English language skills by reading books, listening to experts and practicing.

Learning English at an early age will not only make your child confident but will also infuse great love for the language which is going to last a lifetime. We have framed kids English Classes in a way that brings value, energy and shows our teachers expertise to lead your child.

Kid’s English Course

According to the research, children who are exposed to a new language from early childhood are more likely to acquire it quickly and build a solid foundation from the very start. Our online English course for kids is focused on enhancing your child’s cognitive development by helping them learn to read and write a new language which in return also helps fine tune their critical thinking and decision making abilities.

We have specially designed our kid’s online English course curriculum to meet the needs of your child. We start kindergarten lessons by teaching phonics, rhymes, vocabulary, storytelling and conversation practice. For kids attending grades1-5, our English Course includes reading passages, listening to excerpts by experts, grammar, and everyday vocabulary.

All lessons are formulated keeping in mind the psychological characteristics of your child; from preschool to school going kids, our English course will keep your child thoroughly engaged and prompt during each session.

We have carefully organized our kids English course material so that it is easy for you and your child to navigate and keep track of upcoming lessons. As a parent who enjoys assisting kids in learning, our kids English course can be helpful for adults too in learning English, especially if you are a non-native English speaker yourself.

English is becoming a global communication language. Allowing your child to explore it will help them to maintain successful career in future. With our kid’s online English course, your child can learn at his/her own pace. Being a parent you don’t have to worry about your child missing a class or speaking a lesson. To make your child feel accomplished we also award a certificate of completion at the end of the English Course.

Our kid’s English course is the path for your child to master the English Language starting from a young age. With our qualified English language experts, your child is exposed to the right learning environment that is aimed to bring out creativity, leading your child to be proficient and confident. Book your trial Online English course of 45 mins duration starting from $5 only!