About Us



TCSC is a team of successful educators who bring a positive social impact in the career of the learners through technology. Our aim is to provide a fast, accessible and student-focused online education system.

With our end-to-end learning platform and tailored services spanning students’ enrollment to course customization, we ensure our brand partners’ success in the field of online education space.

Our Mission - Education for All

TCSC believes education should empower everyone; transforming their lives without any boundaries or any discrimination. Every student should have easy access to premium learning opportunities to overcome obstacles and accelerate growth to succeed in every stage of their career journey. With flexible online programs, TCSC intends to bring positive changes in society, create opportunities, equity and prosperity.

TCSC is passionate to support educators and instructors by introducing an interactive and uplifting learning environment. Through innovation, technology and creative collaboration with knowledge experts, TCSC has become the leading online education enabling provider with a proven reputation in the fast-growing online education industry.

At TCSC, schools, institutions and colleges can avail partnership services for course designing, teaching, and learning management.


How TCSC Works?

At TCSC, innovation and technology are used to bring change in the field of education. Our experts in the field of education use embedded live classroom setup to stimulate real time teaching and learning.
In our online education program, significant emphasis is placed on Quality Teaching and Learning in conjunction with insights into the student’s behavior and an evidence-based pedagogical model. This approach ensures that the student is at the center of all aspects of learning and teaching.

Student-Centric Learning Environment

Recognizing the importance of live engagement in the classroom, TCSC focuses on replicating the aspects of the on-campus experience throughvirtual classroom setup. This setup allows students to set their learning pace and experience high-qualitylearning.
The virtual classrooms allow students to enroll, access academic and learning management systems which also initiates their individuality even before the commencement of the course. Student-centric services are given paramount concern by TCSC to fulfill the changing needs of education and learning.

Technology-Driven Course Content

TCSC uses the experience and capability of the experts to design and customize the content that’s effective for the online learning environment. Innovative technologies are selected to customize the course that increases mobile learning opportunities while reducing the user experience challenges.

Dynamic and Seamless Integration

TCSC follows an optimized result oriented approach to provide an efficient and flexible growing platform to accommodate the needs of the learners via dynamic and seamless online learning system.
Leveraging our extensive experience, we guarantee effective launching, scaling and management without compromising the quality of education.

Student-support system

The innovative network system of TCSC connects students with the education experts and management to provide general academic guidance along with technical and administrative support. Prospective students can access support and guidance via email which will be answered within a day.
With a relentless attitude towards technology and innovation and commitment to world-class techniques, TCSCexplores, tests, evaluates, and optimizes new technologies and initiatives on a regular basis to ensure improved learning experience for the students from time-to-time.

Academic expertise

TCSC is passionate about delivering high-quality, industry-recognized education in an e-platform. Our academic heritage is based on deep understanding of proven pedagogical models, which provides the foundation for goal- directed approach to e-learning.
Our team of professionals have acquired years of vast experience from universities round the world in their respective disciplines. With this depth of expertise TCSChas ensured academic diligence and excellence in all the designed courses.

Continuous improvement

Our motto is to work on the metrics that matter to our students the most. TCSC is always open to constructive feedback from both the students and education experts to identify different ways to experiment and enhance its methodologies to get the desired outcome.