Grades 1-5 Online Course

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Grades 1-5 Online Course

Our courses are designed exclusively by language specialists in order to help your child step up in the usage of English. Children will be involed in competitions at regular intervals to improve their language abilities.

Grades 1-5

  • Simple Conversation Practice sessions
  • Reading Short passages
  • Listening to excerpts (to make them understand Native English)
  • Basic Grammar
  • Everyday Vocabulary

Exposing children to language learning at a very early age helps them gain confidence and individuality.

Kids will be asked to read books to infuse in them the habit of reading at a very early age. The habit of reading and listening to these stories read by their peers help them improve their vocabulary skills and boost their confidence. All sessions are framed to make the children interactive and expressive. At the end of the course children will be able to converse confidently and fluently in English without any sort of hesitation.