Python Course

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Python Course

Python with its available set of libraries can be used to write scripts for system programming,to develop web or windows application,for data analytics,statistics and mathematical calculations.

For a beginner the course is designed in such a way that he/she can learn the fundamentals of programming concentrating on the logic rather than the complexity of the language as python is a simple language and it is easy to learn.

The course is custom made to include Industry based scenarios that will improve the problem solving ability of the learner.

Course content:

  • Section 1 -Getting Familiar with Python Interpreter
  • Section 2 -Introduction to Python
  • Section 3 -Control flow loops
  • Section 4 -Learn Data structures with Python
  • Section 5 -Python Modules and Packages
  • Section 6 -File Handling
  • Section 7 -Errors and Exceptions
  • Section 8 -OOPS thru Python
  • Section 9 -Knowing Python libraries
  • Section 10 -Anaconda and other Python IDE