Online Chess Class

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Online Chess Class

Online chess classes with levels from Beginner to Expert

That Cloud School has designed online chess classes to cater to the needs of Kids and Adults at the same time. Need- based chess classes are provided by professional chess coaches. You can learn the moves in the game at the convenience of your home.

    • Distraction-free online chess learning at the comfort of your home
    • Fun, pressure free online chess courses according to the levels of the learner
    • Get the special attention you expect - Online Chess Classes of not more than 5 participants per session
1. Our online chess classes are easy and provide you the confidence to move forward

Our expert coaches can make you understand and master the moves. Also it provides the autonomy for choosing a time slot of your choice.

2. Regular evaluation to ensure your progress

Absolutely Free Evaluation!!! We provide regular assessment games to measure your progress. Feedback on the area of improvement is provided to ensure that you gain maximum out of our classes. Online Chess workouts are provided to the learner on a weekly basis.

3. Well - planned lessons

Sharing the online chess board, the coach prepares the learner for different themes according to their level. Regular tournaments are conducted to motivate the students.